Back-end changes can be found in the complete back-end changelog.

Front-end changes are documented on GitHub.

Latest release [07/11/19]

Sites not using server-side includes will require a full republish.

06/06/19 release

  • Adds support for LiveWhale, the new IU Calendar system, and fixes event display
    See issue #28, issue #59 and issue #61.
  • Fixes mobile navigation inside the WCMS for version 1.2
    See issue #52. To apply this update to an existing site, see instructions in the manual updates section.
  • Adds ability to accomodate long site titles
    See issue #4. See instuction on the Set up page.
  • Adds ability to place attached sections in subfolders
    See issue #63. To apply this update to an existing site, see instructions in the manual updates section.
  • Adds ability to include references in navigation
For a list of modified back-end files for the above updates, see the full back-end changelog.

05/02/19 release

    • Fixes social media share icon position and content spacing
      See issue #54, issue #35, and issue #43
    • Adds additional Rivet styles for error handling in forms
      See issue #44
    • Adds handling for long words in panel elements
      See issue #32
A hard refresh (shift + refresh) may be needed to see these updates on your site, as changes were made to global assets and they may be cached locally in your browser.

04/04/19 release

Re-publishing pages with any of the above chunks or page types is recommended.
If you have localized any of these files on your site, see the files listed for updated code.

02/07/19 release

  • Updates ARIA Landmarks
Documentation and options for assistance applying this update are available under manual updates.
  • Adds ability to use <span> in the Feature chunk
  • Fixes image position for text overlay banner
  • Updates footer content sequence and messaging
  • Adds ability to include Rivet styles on form elements
To include Rivet styles on pages on an existing site, see instructions in manual updates.

12/13/18 release

  • Adds custom sections
  • Removes CSS Class and ID restrictions
  • Removes Google+ from Settings block
  • Adds Snapchat to Settings block
The updates above will require updates to existing sites. Instuctions are in the manual updates section.
  • Adds Google Analytics tracking for IU News and Events feeds

11/01/18 release

  • Updates alt text for open search button
  • Removes alt text from IU trident in the branding bar
The above updates will be applied automatically if your site uses global assets. If your site has localized branding, please see the updates in GitHub.
  • Updates tab order for mobile navigation
  • Updates footer font size so it changes appropriately on zoom in Chrome
  • Creates minified files for brand assets
To point to minified brand assets on an existing site, see instructions in manual updates.

10/04/18 release

  • Retirement of mint, gold, and limestone as secondary colors
Please select a new secondary color—mahogany, majestic, or midnight—in the Settings block and republish the entire site. Any sites still using these older background colors after Oct. 4 will see them replaced with white.
  • Updates color contrast for panel and callout chunks
  • Corrects arrow placement for news and events ticker feeds on mobile
  • Updates visual focus indicators for slideshows
  • Corrects focus for keyboard navigation for mobile menu
  • Adds WCMS Asset Naming Rule functionality
This option will be enabled on sites created after Oct. 3, 2018. To implement this feature on an existing site, contact .

09/06/2018 release

  • Changes 50/50, text overlay, and text banner headline from h2 to p (requires republish if these banner types are used)
  • Updates section and mobile navigation aria labels to 'Section' and 'Mobile' respectively (requires whole site republish if site is in non-PHP environment)
  • Updates aria label for '+' and '-' on mobile menu
  • Adds aria label for mobile nav 'x' button
  • Updates color contrast on text overlay banner
  • Updates wide page social share display
  • Updates color contrast for table caption on crimson and secondary background colors
  • Fixes color contrast for news feeds, event feeds, profile feeds, table, pullquote, and social media chunks on crimson and secondary background colors
  • Corrects focus on pages with slideshows
  • Updates video banner to auto-play in Chrome

08/02/2018 release

For improved color contrast and accessibility:

  • Updates colors and styles for inline links, buttons, and interactive panels across available section background colors
  • Updates text colors and link colors across all available section background colors in remaining chunks: callouts, features, image, image essay, image slider, panels, interactive panels and the HTML5, Kaltura, Vimeo, and YouTube video chunks
  • Updates text color in stat chunk on light gray section background
  • Adds outline to accordion on white and light gray backgrounds
  • Updates background and text colors for accordions across all available section background colors

These changes should get applied automatically and do not require users to make any manual updates. However, since browsers cache CSS, users may need to a Shift+Refresh and/or clear their broswer cache in order to see the changes.