Step 1

Navigate to New >> News.

Navigate to New >> News

Step 2

Enter the System Name and Parent Folder of the new page. The System Name should be lowercase and may include hyphens for multiple words.

System name and parent folder

Step 3

In the Inline Metadata and Page sections, enter fields as directed in the Standard Page type.

Complete inline metadata as in the standard page

Step 4

Expand to News Release Details >> Image. Attach an uploaded square image.

Select a news release photo

Step 5

Expand to News Release Details >> Release. Enter a Headline, Byline, and Date.

News Headline, byline, and date

Step 6

Add a Teaser if desired. The Teaser will appear on a listing index page if created.

News Release Teaser

Step 7

Use sections and chunks to build the page based on the Standard Page type.

Step 8

When complete, Submit and Publish.