Calling attention to content

Use callouts on text phrases or paragraphs to emphasize or call attention to a key element in the content. Make sure important details such as deadlines are noticed with the callout chunk. Images may also be added.

Reference the Web Style Guide for more information on callouts.

Callout chunk fields


This is the text of the callout. The callout text supports styles; however, a simple callout has more impact.


An image may be added to a callout. Ensure that the image has been uploaded to the WCMS. This image should be a square (768px x 768px) image. CSS is applied to the image to create a porthole, so be sure the main focus of the photo is in the center.

1:1 aspect ratio placeholder photo

Here is an example of a callout with an image at full width.

Here is an example of a callout chunk in a breakout section.