Move, Rename, and Delete

Renaming a File

Step 1

Find your file and select Rename by right-clicking the file in the folder tree, or viewing the page and selecting Rename in the ... More menu.

rename option in folder tree
rename option in toolbar

Step 2

Rename Page will open. Enter the New Page Name. Use the correct naming conventions.


Step 3

Ensure that Unpublish Content has been checked, and review the destinations/output. Click Rename.

unpublish checkbox

Step 4

Publish the renamed page.

Step 5

Click into the _xml folder. Publish the xml-navigation page.

Deleting a file

Step 1

Navigate to the file to be deleted and click on the More tab on the page and select Delete, or select Delete from the quick menu in the folder tree.

delete option in toolbar
delete selection in folder tree

Step 2

The Delete Page window will open. Ensure that Unpublish Content is selected, and that the destination/outputs are correct. Click Delete.

delete page dialog

Step 3

Click into the _xml folder. Publish the navigation-xml page.