Adding IU Fort Wayne Branding Bar

In order to use the IU Fort Wayne branding bar in a site created prior to August 8, 2017, follow the steps below.

Step 1:

In the Administration area of your site, locate the Data Definition for the Settings block.

Edit the Data Definition in XML.

XML of the Settings block, including campus dropdown options

Step 2:

Locate the campus listings.


<dropdown-item value="IPFW"/>


<dropdown-item value="IU Fort Wayne"/>

Step 3:

Click Submit to save your change.

Step 4:

Return to the editing side of the WCMS and edit the Settings block. From the campus drop-down, you should now see the option for IU Fort Wayne.

Screenshot of Settings block with campus dropdown menu highlighted

Step 5:

Select IU Fort Wayne as the campus and click Submit.

Step 6:

Republish the entire site to apply the branding bar update.