Externally Hosted Video

Embed a YouTube, Vimeo, or Kaltura video

This is an example of a Kaltura Video.

Description of the video:

Instructor walks down a hall and enters a classroom.

Text: Kelley Learning Media Presents "Du-Oh-No!"

Instructor: Good Morning Students, Welcome back from break. I trust everyone had a had a great time, ate lots of turkey and ham. Its time to get into Canvas, and get some things done.

Instructor logs in to a computer.

Computer: Error! Two step authentication required. Error! Error!

Instructor starts dancing in the classroom and is joined by two students.

Instructor shakes his head. It was a daydream.

Student: Professor...Professor. Dual authentication means you're supposed to use the app to log-in. CAS wants you to do the two-step log-in now, not do the two-step dance!

Man: Starting in the spring 2017 semester all CAS log-ins require a duo two-step authentication, for IU staff, faculty, and student employees.

This means you need to do a two step log-in for Canvas, One.IU, and other CAS log-ins. To get started, visit the IU knowledge base link that you see on screen [kb.iu.edu/d/aluu displays with text "go to the 2-step link." Remember to always bring your smartphone to class, so that you can turn Du "oh-no" into Duo done.

Music plays. Everyone in the classroom dances the two-step



The URL field is where the full URL of the video is entered.


The Title field is a text-only field. It is for use with screen readers and is not displayed on the page.


The Caption field is used to describe the video. It displays below the video.


The Transcript field is used by screen readers to describe the content and dialogue.