Externally Hosted Video

This is an example of a Vimeo video.

Description of the video:

Headlines, dates, and related images appear above a long table of books:

“Legislative act establishes state seminary that became IU, 1820”

“Varsity football team started, 1886”

“Herman B Wells named 11th president of IU, 1938”

“IU Auditorium completed and IU Art Museum established, 1941”

“National intercollegiate competition for women begins, 1971”

“Michael A. McRobbie named 18th president of IU, 2007”

“IU trustees approve new School of Global and International Studies, 2012”

More text appears on a dark background:

“On campuses throughout Indiana, in partnership with educational institutions around the world, Indiana University offers students from all backgrounds . . . ”

A series of headlines and video clips begins:

“The promise of the dream”

Video of Commencement.

“The promise of a lifetime of success”

Video of the IU Bloomington and IUPUI campuses.

“The promise of a community where you belong”

Video of students and a faculty member talking in a classroom.

“The promise of faculty who inspire”

Video of a music performance and of someone speaking at a dinner.

“The promise of degrees for dreamers, doers, and leaders”

Video of people in foreign cities.

“The promise of an education that works anywhere”

Video of hospitals, doctors, and nurses.

“The promise of helping Indiana thrive”

Video of a large telescope and of the night sky.

“The promise of an environment of endless curiosity”

Video of young women sharing a dinner.

“The promise of friendships that never fade”

Video of IU football and basketball events.

“The promise of something bigger than yourself”

Video from behind an empty podium, with a crowd of people talking in front of the podium.

“The promise of preparation for whatever comes next”

Video of several IU campuses and downtown Indianapolis.

More text appears on a background of blurred lights:

“In 1820, Indiana University made its first promise: to educate a small group of scholars living on the frontier of a new country.”

New text appears:

“We’ve been keeping our word ever since.”

The IU trident appears, along with:

“Indiana University
Fulfilling the Promise”



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