Pullquotes draw attention to key points and entice readers to continue reading by highlighting short passages of text. A pullquote may include a photo, and look nice when used as a breakout section to really grab attention.

Reference the Web Style Guide for more information about the pullquote chunk.

Example of a pullquote with image

No photo available.

What the people need and demand is that their children shall have a chance...

William Lowe Bryan

Fields for a pullquote


The text of the pullquote is entered into the content field. Links and styling are permitted; however, the text should be as simple as possible.


An image may be associated with a quote. The image is typically of the person who said the quote. Upload the image to the WCMS before adding the image. This image should be a square (768px x 768px) image. CSS is applied to the image to create a porthole, so be sure the main focus of the photo is in the center.


The Attribution field is a text-only field that gives credit to the person who said the quote.