Pullquotes draw attention to key points and entice readers to continue reading by highlighting short passages of text.

Reference the Web Style Guide for more information about the pullquote chunk.

Example of a pullquote with image

No photo available.

What the people need and demand is that their children shall have a chance...

William Lowe Bryan

Fields for a pullquote


The text of the pullquote is entered into the content field. Links and styling are permitted; however, the text should be as simple as possible.


An image may be associated with a quote. The image is typically of the person who said the quote. Upload the image to the WCMS before adding the image. Reference the Web Style Guide for guidelines on image sizes.


The Attribution field is a text-only field that gives credit to the person who said the quote.

Creating a pullquote

Step 1

Expand to Section >> Chunk. From the Type dropdown menu, choose Pullquote.

Select Pullquote chunk type

Step 2

In Section >> Chunk >> Details choose the position.

Select chunk position

Step 3

In the Content field, enter the quote. Do not include quotation marks.

add content for the pullquote

Step 4

To add an uploaded image, select the image.

Add a photo

Step 5

Add the Attribution.

Add the attribution for the quote

Step 6

Submit and Publish.