Uploading Images

Every framework site has a central images folder where it is recommended you upload all of the images on your site.

Images should be sized for placement before uploading them to the WCMS. For image sizing guidelines, visit the IU Style Guide.

Note: Other files types, such as PDFs, video, and audio files, can be uploaded to the WCMS using the same method.

Step 1

Navigate to the Images folder.

expand the images folder

Step 2

Under New, select Default and File.

Navigate to New >> Default >> File

Step 3

The New File screen will open. Select the pre-sized image to be uploaded.

name the file and ensure it is in the images folder

Step 4

The System Name will automatically generate the file name. You can alter the file name after you have selected the image, but ensure that the extension remains in the file name.

File name must have an extension

Step 5

Click on Metadata. In the Summary field enter the Alt Text. The alt text describes the image for those using assistive technologies.

Enter alt text in the summary field in user metadata

Step 6

Click Submit to save the image.

Click submit

Step 7

Publish your image.