Discover IU’s official web framework

Whether you’re building your first website or refreshing an existing site, adopting the IU web framework makes a lot of sense.

The framework was developed through a partnership between University Information Technology Services (UITS), IU Studios, and representatives from regional campuses. It marries advanced technology with beautiful aesthetics and built-in branding.

And because it runs on the Cascade Server Web Content Management System (WCMS) that many IU websites have relied on for years, it’s easy to build rich, beautiful content using tools you’re already familiar with.

Technological benefits of using the IU web framework

The IU web framework can work equally well whether you have a full-fledged IT team at your back or you have a staff of one. While a web developer must request the framework and launch your site, you don’t need any programming, HTML, or CSS skills to create beautiful web pages. And all the functionality you need is built in.

Sites built in the IU Framework are fully responsive. That means your site will “respond” to any size screen—scaling and rearranging items to look good on any viewing space.

Accessible by default

The IU web framework is designed to conform to web accessibility levels required by the university. When you start creating your site, you’ll be building on a solidly accessible foundation—so as long as you enter accessible content, that’s all you need to worry about.

Learn how to create accessible web content

Aesthetic benefits to using the IU web framework

The IU web framework was created using best practices in web design and content creation. It includes myriad page and content chunk types, giving you the flexibility you need to tell your story in exactly the way it deserves to be told.

And while it provides plenty of color choices and layout options, all of the big design decisions have been made for you. That frees you to focus on storytelling—visually and through the words and content pieces you choose to include.

Branding made easy

The framework is clearly branded straight out of the box. The headers and footers every IU website needs to use are already there, and since you’ll be using the same fonts, colors, and design components that our gateway sites do, your site will benefit from a tight association with the IU brand.

The support you need to succeed

Comprehensive online resources

You’ll find everything you need to know about building a website using the features available in the framework on this website. Plus, you can depend on the web style guide to get information about best practices and how to make your site shine in the new framework.

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Get help

If you have questions that need more personalized assistance to resolve, you can reach out to our Community of Practice or contact us.

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