Web Framework Spring 2022 update

This spring, an update to the Web Framework will be released that visually aligns Framework sites with the Rivet design system and the IU brand’s Visual Language.

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What is the IU Web Framework?

The IU Web Framework is built using Cascade Server Web Content Management System (WCMS), IU’s enterprise content management system. It gives content creators a set of familiar form options—such as drop-down boxes, text input, checkboxes, and WYSIWYG editors—to create web pages. You can build pages using the framework and then publish them out to Sitehost or any hosting server with FTP.

The framework is a self-service tool available to developers. If you’re not a developer but want to use the framework for your site, you can get help from the pros.

Why should you use the framework?

The IU Web Framework has a rich set of features to create layouts and elements of a web page that were not possible in previous frameworks and templates at IU. It uses the Web Style Guide and follows IU branding guidelines to provide consistency throughout the university’s websites. The framework complies with accessibility guidelines so that visitors with disabilities can still access your site. It is centrally supported by UITS and you can find extensive documentation on this site. This is the first framework to be built using Velocity, which makes it easy to customize as a developer.

Benefits of using the IU Web Framework

Recent updates

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Requesting the framework

Be sure you’ve completed the prerequisites, since requesting the framework does not get you a URL or hosting account. In order to request the framework, you will need contact information for an administrative sponsor, a site manager, and others who will be contributing to the site. You’ll need to have your hosting information and domain name ready as well.

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