IU Calendar Feed

Step 1

Expand to Section > Chunk. In the Type drop-down menu, select Feed.

feed chunk type selection

Step 2

In Section > Chunk > Details, enter the Chunk Header and Header Level.

chunk header and header level

Step 3

Choose the Position and Events - IU Calendar Feed Type.

Step 4

If using the legacy IU Events Calendar, locate your event calendar. In the URL, copy the characters after the “=”. This string of characters starting with "GRP" is the ID.

Copy the number at the end of the feed

If using the LiveWhale calendar, use the calendar feed builder to create your desired event feed.

Copy and paste the feed URL. The JSON feed is recommended.

Events Calendar feed builder with URL highlighted

Step 5

Paste the group ID or LiveWhale feed URL into the ID field.

event feed IU ID
IU Calendar feed chunk with IU Calendar URL highlighted

Step 6

Choose the Maximum Number of Items for the feed. From the Mode drop-down menu, choose how to display the feed:

  • Standard
  • Summary
  • Ticker
maximum number of items and mode selection

Step 7

To link to a full listing of events, news, etc., use the Link option. Choose either an Internal Link or an External Link. Type text for the Link Label.

link fields and link label

Step 8

To save a draft, click Save & Preview. Submit to apply changes to your page. Publish the page.

Note: Feeds will not display inside the WCMS. The page will need to be published in order to view the feed.

Additional options

For more information on building a LiveWhale calendar feed, visit the Events Documentation site.

If you have access to widgets, learn more about Framework implementation at the IU Developers site.