Panel example one

This is the first example. These panels are in a grid.

Panel example two

This panel contains a call to action (CTA) button.

Call to action


Chunk Header

This is the text that appears in a larger font size.

Header Level

This assigns a numbered hierarchy to your chunk header.


The bulk of the text goes in Content. It uses a WYSIWYG editor, and supports styling.

Creating a panel

Step 1

Expand to Section >> Chunk. In the Type drop-down menu, choose Panel.

Select Panel chunk type

Step 2

Enter the Chunk Header and Header Level.

Enter chunk header and header level

Step 3

Select Position and Size. If a grid has been chosen under Section >> Details, do not change these fields.

select position and size

Step 4

Enter content. Styling is supported, and buttons may be added.

panel text editor example with call to action button

Step 5

Submit and Publish.