Naming Conventions

B. Naming Uploaded Files

Step 1

Select New >> Default >> File to upload your file.

Step 2

Select the file you want to upload. By default, the name of the file you selected becomes the System Name.

system name field for new file

Step 3

Clean up your file name prior to submitting the file.

  • Remove any spaces, underscores, or extraneous numbers/dates.
  • Check that the file name is in lowercase and use hyphens (-) instead of spaces or underscores.
  • Make sure the file extension (.jpg, .mp4, etc.) remains in the file name.


Examples of poor file names:

    • headshot_jim_08092016CM008.jpg
    • pool-parallax-4-web.jpg
    • Infographic Beneath the Surface.jpg
    • Infographic_Beneath-the-Surface-3.jpg
    • Video background1_3.mp4

Examples of acceptable file names:

    • smith-jim.jpg
    • pool-parallax.jpg
    • pool-parallax-v3.jpg
    • pool-parallax-final.jpg
    • video-background.mp4