Step 1

Navigate to New >> Profile.

Navigate to New >> Profile

Step 2

Enter the System Name and choose the Parent Folder. The System Name should be lowercase and may include hyphens for multiple words.

Enter system name and parent folder

Step 3

To enter information on the Inline Metadata and Page, use the directions from the Standard Page type.

Step 4

Expand to Profile Details. Enter the information on the person in the corresponding fields as desired.

Profile Details Section

Step 5

In Profile Details >> Image, add an uploaded picture of the individual. Note: The image size should be 768px x 768px.

Attach photo of profile subject

Step 6

Under Profile Details >> Address, enter the address, if desired.

Profile Details >> Address

Step 7

Under Profile Details >> Contact, enter contact information as applicable.

Profile Details >> Contact

Step 8

Expand to Profile Details >> Contact >> Social Media >> Channel. Enter social media channels, if available.

Profile Details >> Contact >> Social Media >> Channel

Step 9

Enter a Short Bio. The Short Bio will show up on the listing index page if created.

Short Bio

Step 10

Build content using sections and chunks as in the Standard Page type.

Step 11

When complete, Submit and Publish.