Image Essay

Creating an image essay

Step 1

Ensure that all images have been uploaded to the WCMS and that they are the appropriate size for the desired photo essay configuration.

Step 2

Expand to Section >> Chunk. From the Type drop-down menu, choose Image.

Select Image chunk type

Step 3

Under Section >> Chunk >> Details, choose the Position. In Image Type, select Essay from the drop-down menu.

Position and type

Step 4

Select the Large Image Placement as Vertical or Horizontal from the drop-down menu.

Select horizontal placement

Step 5

Based on the Large Image Placement, choose Top or Bottom for Horizontal Image or Left or Right for Vertical Image.

Select Large placement and vertical placement
If horizontal, select the placement

Step 6

Select the Large Image.

Attach large photo

Step 7

Select the two Small Images.

Attach small photos

Step 8

Choose a Caption that summarizes all three selected images.

photo essay caption field

Step 9

Enter the Attribution.

Add the photo essay attribution

Step 10

Submit and Publish.