“Indiana, Our Indiana”

 Sylvia McNair


The only field for the audio chunk is the mp3 file. A caption and attribution may be added.

Creating an audio chunk

Step 1

Ensure that the mp3 file has been uploaded to the WCMS.

Step 2

Expand to Section >> Chunk. From the Type drop-down menu, select Audio.

Audio Chunk type

Step 3

Expand to Section >> Chunk >> Details. Choose the Position and Audio Type. HTML5 will be the only audio type available in the drop-down menu.

Position and audio type

Step 4

Select the previously uploaded mp3 file.

Attaching the audio file

Step 5

Add a Caption, if any.

Caption for the audio file

Step 6

Add an Attribution, if any.

Add the attribution to the audio

Step 7

Submit and Publish.