Adding Audio Transcript Field

Step 3:

Click Submit to save your changes.

Step 4:

To confirm the field has been added, when viewing the Page - Standard data definition, click the Apply Smart Field rules link at the top right corner. Select the Audio chunk and Audio Type of HTML5. The Transcript field should appear below the Attribution field. 

Screenshot of Audio chunk with transcript field.

Step 5:

To update all possible uses of the Audio chunk, the data definitions for Page - Event, Page - News, Page - Profile, and Section - Attached - Standard will also need to be updated following Steps 1-4. 

Note: In Section - Attached - Standard, the Audio chunk XML does not include "section/" at the beginning of the path. The XML should be as follows:

<dropdown-item show-fields="chunk/details/position, chunk/details/audio-type, chunk/details/caption, chunk/details/attribution, chunk/details/transcript" value="Audio"/>