Adding Kaltura to Video Chunk

Step 2:

Hit Submit to save your change.

Step 3:

To confirm the field has been added, when viewing the Page - Standard data definition, click the Apply Smart Field rules link at the top right corner. Select the Video chunk and select a video type. Kaltura should now be one of your video options.

Video type dropdown in the video chunk

Step 4:

To update all possible uses of the Video chunk, the data definitions for Page - EventPage - NewsPage - Profile, and Section - Attached - Standard will also need to be updated following Steps 1-3. 

Note: In Section - Attached - Standard, the Video Type XML does not include "section/" at the beginning of the path. The XML should be as follows.

<dropdown-item show-fields="chunk/details/widescreen, chunk/details/url, chunk/details/caption, chunk/details/transcript" value="Kaltura"/>