Be sure you’ve completed the prerequisites. Requesting the framework does NOT get you a virtual host or Sitehost account, or a fully developed website—we’re giving you just the tools you need to build your site. If you are interested in having someone build your site for you, contact the pros instead.

Use the form below to request a new instance of the Web Framework. You will automatically be assigned as the site manager for your new site, meaning you will be able to add users and set up the site. Site copies should be complete within two to three business days. You will receive an email when your new site is ready.

Please provide the information below so we can create a name for your site inside the WCMS based on your campus, organization, department, and site name.

Take the framework for a test drive first

Description of the video:

Complete the IU Web Framework Request Form. Complete the IU Web Framework request form once you have completed the prerequisites. Completing the Framework request form does not secure you a virtual host or Sitehost account. This is done in the prerequisite steps. Let’s step through the form together.

IU Email Address. This is your personal IU email address. Do not enter your group account email address. 

What is your name? Please provide your name as you will be designated the Site Manager when your site is created. 

How are you hosting your site? You can use any IU approved web hosting solution to host your site. It is recommended that you use Sitehost. This course uses Sitehost for all examples. 

What is your site name? Please provide the name of your site. For instance, if you are a student group creating your student group website, provide the name of your student group. 

What is your test URL? Your Sitehost test URL is where group account name is the name of the group account used to host this site. 

What is your production URL? Your Sitehost default production URL is where group account name is the name of the group account used to host this site.  

The next four questions help the WCMS Administrators determine your site name within the WCMS. Site Names within the WCMS exist for the WCMS Administrators to locate and organize sites. Site names follow a naming convention of Campus-Organization-Department.siteName (for example, BL-COLLEGE-PSY.mylab). 

Which campus does your site serve? 

Which organization does the site belong to? 

Which department owns this site? 

Please note that if you are developing a site on behalf of an organization and department you should answer these questions on behalf of your client—not based on the organization and department you work for. 

Does the department that owns this site have any other sites in the WCMS? If so, please give the name of at least one? The name of your site is the name provided by the WCMS Administrators and used to name your site in the WCMS. The name follows the format of Campus-Organiztion-Departemnt.siteName (for example, BL-COLLEGE-PSY.mylab). 

Additional comments about your request. Please provide any additional details to help with your request.

Once submitted, your request is routed to Web Services Support and then to the appropriate individuals to review and complete your request.