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This is an example of an HTML5 video.

Description of the video:

[Student Building chimes ring]

Mom, let go.

Amber, right?


Chillin with Herman!


[alarm clock beeps]

So, as with any idea, the question is-


- Oh, yes!
- Oh my-

- Oh, no, this is so good.
- Are you serious?

Game time.

[crowd cheering]

[pep band plays]

[camera clicking]

[violin playing]

How was class?



[crowd noise and cheering]

In five, four-

And it's about leadership and public policy-

- Here's a copy of my resume.
- Great!

[background music begins]

[sound of bicycles and laughter]

The next four years are limitless.

What will you do first?

Indiana University

Fulfilling the promise


File Upload

The file upload fields are where the files for the HTML5 video, closed caption, and still images are attached.


The Caption field is used to describe the video. It displays below the video.


The Transcript field is for the video transcript. Transcripts used by screen readers to describe the content and dialogue.