v1.2.0 - ARIA Landmarks update

Version 1.2.0 adds ARIA landmarks in order to meet IU ADA Web accessibility policy. Making all content contained in an appropriate landmark creates a semantic structure for the page that can be communicated to assistive technology (AT) users. Properly used semantic landmarks provide information about relationships between content and will boost user confidence, providing reassurance that all important content will be available to them. Landmarks also provide an alternative method for AT users to navigate the web page and things that make web developer's jobs easier, such as making skip links.

In versions of the Web Framework before 1.2.0, all content is not contained in an appropriate landmark. While newly created Framework sites contain all content within appropriate landmarks, sites created before February 7, 2019 will need to follow the steps below, which will update your site by pointing to newer versions of shared templates and scripts, and updating local templates and scripts.

Version 1.2.0 code changes

Applying these updates involves modifying templates and scripts in your Web Framework site. If you manage a site and have questions about this update, please contact sct2@iu.edu.