New Folders

Creating Folders

You can create two types of folders within the WCMS: a folder that displays in the site navigation with an index page, or a folder that groups assets such as images, and does not display in the site navigation.

B. Creating a Folder for Grouping

You can also create a folder without an index page. You can use this folder to group items such as documents or images.

Step 1

In the folder tree, click into the folder to which you want to add a folder. Navigate to New >> Default >> Folder.

Selecting New >> Default >> Folder

Step 2

Enter the System Name and Parent Folder of your new folder. The System Name must be in lowercase and contain hyphens for spaces.

System name and parent folder for a new default folder

Step 3

Under Metadata Set, check applicable boxes for publishing and indexing.

Indexing and publishing options

Step 4

Click Submit. The folder will appear in the folder tree.

example of a new default folder in folder tree