Manual Feed

Step 1

Expand to Section > Chunk. In the Type drop-down menu, select Feed.

feed chunk type selection

Step 2

In Section > Chunk > Details, enter the Chunk Header and Header Level.

chunk header and header level

Step 3

Choose the Position, select the Profiles, News-Manual, or Events-Manual Feed Type and select the Block.

manual feed type ad block selection

Step 4

Navigate to the _feeds folder and select the desired feed block.

feed list in the folder tree

Step 5

If using a news or events feed, choose the Maximum Number of Items for the feed. From the Mode drop-down menu, choose how to display the feed.

selected feed block and maximum number of items
display mode selections

Step 6

To link to a full listing of events, news, etc., use the Link option. Choose either an Internal Link or an External Link. Type text for the Link Label.

links and link label fields

Step 7

To save a draft, click Save & Preview. Submit to apply your changes. Publish the page.