A complete list of all back-end changes can be found at IU-FRAME-WEBS.common > velocity > 1.x > README.txt in the WCMS.

Front-end changes are documented on GitHub.

Latest release [08/02/2018]

For improved color contrast and accessibility:

  • Updates colors and styles for inline links, buttons, and interactive panels across available section background colors
  • Updates text colors and link colors across all available section background colors in remaining chunks: callouts, features, image, image essay, image slider, panels, interactive panels and the HTML5, Kaltura, Vimeo, and YouTube video chunks
  • Updates text color in stat chunk on light gray section background
  • Adds outline to accordion on white and light gray backgrounds
  • Updates background and text colors for accordions across all available section background colors

These changes should get applied automatically and do not require users to make any manual updates. However, since browsers cache CSS, users may need to a Shift+Refresh and/or clear their broswer cache in order to see the changes.

Mint, limestone and gold have been removed from the list of web brand colors. For any websites that currently use these colors, users will need to pick one of the remaining secondary colors from the Settings block and republish the entire site by October 3.

Due to recent framework updates, some users may experience problems opening accordions. For information on how to solve this problem, see instructions in the changelog.