Before you get started

Once you’re ready to make your request, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Website Request Form to receive your Website Request ID. You'll need that to fill out the Web Framework Request Form.
  2. Request a group account.
  3. When that account is approved, set up the passphrase and email address.
  4. Request a Sitehost/Sitehost Test account.
  5. Request a virtual host URL for your Sitehost account. The request will be reviewed and if approved, will point to your account. Note: your virtual host for Sitehost Test is automatically set up as
  6. Review WCMS policies.

For more detailed instructions, see the videos below.

Please note only Public and University-internal data are suitable to be stored in the WCMS. Restricted and Critical data cannot be stored in the WCMS. For definitions of Public, University-internal, Restricted, and Critical data, see Types of data. Federal and state protected data, human subjects research data, and passwords cannot be stored in the WCMS. For more about data classifications, see About sensitive data at IU.