Publish Your Site

By default, only Webtest is enabled as a publishing destination.The Webserve production destination is disabled so that the site doesn’t accidentaly publish live while you’re building pages.

Enable Webserve destination

  1. In the WCMS, click the Administration tab and click Destinations.
  2. Click - LIVE
  3. Edit the destination.
  4. Click Enable destination and optionally check this destination by default, which means when you publish a page both Webtest and Webserve will be selected by default (you can unselect them before publishing).
  5. Submit.

Publishing live

Assuming you’ve created all your pages and have published to Webtest to confirm they appear as you expected, it’s time to publish your site live to Webserve.

  1. In the WCMS, click Home.
  2. Click Base Folder.
  3. Click Publish.
  4. Leave both Webtest and Webserve selected and Submit.

Your site will publish and after a few minutes should appear live at your virtual host URL.