Creating a call to action button

Step 1

Expand to Section >> Chunk. In the Type drop-down menu, select Text.

Select the text chunk type

Step 2

Under Section >> Chunk >> Details, choose the location of the button and create a new line in the Content field.

Select a space for the button

Step 3

In the bottom left-hand corner of the Content field, it says “Path: p,” which indicates an HTML paragraph tag. Expand the Paragraph drop-down menu and choose Format.

select Format to remove the p tags from the line

Step 4

This removes the “p” from the lower left-hand corner.

Note: The same result may be achieved by checking the HTML view and confirming there is no paragraph tag.

the p tags at the bottom have been removed

Step 5

Type the text for the button. Highlight the text and click the Insert/Edit Link button.

Type text and highlight. Select Add/Edit Link.

Step 6

Add either an Internal or External link.

Add an internal or external link

Step 7

Highlight the text again. In the Styles drop-down menu, choose Button.

highlight text and select the button style

Step 8

Your button should appear in the WYSIWYG editor.

preview of the button

Step 9

Submit and Publish.