Video Banner

Video Banner

A video may be used as a banner; however, video banners will automatically mute all audio.

Step 1

In your page, scroll down to Banner and select Video from the Type drop-down list.

video banner selection from drop-down

Step 2

Select a Mobile Image, MP4, WebM, and Fallback Image. The Mobile Image (required) and Fallback Image will be used where the video will not/cannot display, such as on a mobile device. Ensure that your images and video have been uploaded to the WCMS prior to this step.

Refer to the Web Style Guide for information on file sizes, dimensions, and compression for images and video.

video banner selections

Step 3

Add a full Transcript for the video. A transcript is required to meet accessibility standards and will be visually hidden.

Video banner transcript field

Step 4

Submit and Publish.