Text Overlay Banner

Text Overlay Banner

Using the Text Overlay banner, you can have a full-width banner image with text positioned on the right or left side. A call to action (CTA) button may be added.

Step 1

On your Page, scroll down to Banner and select Text Overlay from the Type drop-down menu.

text overlay selection from drop-down

Step 2

Select a Desktop Image, Tablet Image, and Mobile Image for the banner. Ensure that you have uploaded each image to the WCMS prior to this step.

For guidelines on Banner image sizes, refer to the Web Style Guide.

Text overlay image selections

Step 3

Select the Content Position (text and CTA) to be on the Left or Right side.

text overlay content position

Step 4

Enter a Header and a Subhead.

For best desktop display, follow these character guidelines:

    • Header: 50 characters (2 lines)
    • Subhead: 80 characters (2 lines)
text overlay header and subhead fields

Step 5

Enter the Link Label (text for the CTA button) and an Internal/External Link.

text overlay link fields

Step 6

Submit and Publish.