Text + Image Banner

Text + Image (50/50) Banner

The Text + Image banner is half image and half Text and call to action (CTA) button.

Step 1

In your page, scroll down to Banner and select Text + Image (50/50) from the Type drop-down list.

text + image selection from drop-down

Step 2

Select the Destop Image, Tablet Image, and the Mobile Image. Ensure that your image has been uploaded to the WCMS prior to this step.

For image sizes/dimensions, refer to the Web Style Guide.

text + image selections

Step 3

For the Content Position (text and CTA button), select either Left or Right.

text + image content position

Step 4

Add text for the Header and Subhead.

For best desktop display, follow these character guidelines:

    • Header: 60 characters (2 lines)
    • Subhead: 200 characters (4 lines)
text + image header and subhead fields

Step 5

Add a Link Label (CTA button text) and an Internal/External Link.

link fields image + text

Step 6

Submit and Publish.