Standard Page

Step 1

Navigate to New >> Page.

Go to New Page

Step 2

Enter the System Name and the Parent Folder. The System Name should be in lowercase and use dashes instead of spaces if multiple words are needed.

Give a system name and verify folder location

Step 3

Under Inline Metadata, enter the Display Name. The Display Name will be the page title and what appears in the navigation.

Give the page a Display Name

Step 4

If using the Keywords field, enter keywords specific to the content of that page in a comma-separated list. Keywords are used for search engine optimization (SEO).

Add keywords for searching

Step 5

Enter the Description. The Description field should be a sentence about the page. The description is used for search engine optimization (SEO), and may get pulled in when a page is shared on social media, so it is important to replace the placeholder text.

add a description for the page

Step 6

If desired, enter a Short Display Name. The Short Display Name is an alternate navigation label. For example, if you have a long Display Name, you can enter a shorter name in Short Display Name to appear in the navigation.

Enter a short page name if necessary.

Step 7

Select the Navigation Set.

Select a primary navigation set or none

Step 8

Select Yes or No for a Wide Page. Wide Page can be used when there is no section navigation.

For pages with no section navigation, select yes for Wide Page

Step 9

Under Page - Standard, add any Internal Notes. Internal Notes are notes that will be displayed in the WCMS but will not appear on the published site.

Add internal notes if desired

Step 10

Scroll down to Social Media. Select if you would like to display a Share Widget on your page, and enter custom sharing information for Facebook and Twitter. For more information about these options, see the Social Media Sharing page. These are optional.

Add any custom information for Facebook or Twitter

Step 11

A text or image Banner may be added to the page.

Add a Banner, if desired

Step 12

Under Section, add an optional Internal Label. The Internal Label is a short description of the section for reference when editing in the WCMS. Choose the Section Type. This is either On Page or Attached.

Add an internal label and section type

Step 13

Expand Section >> Details to Section >> Details >> Background. Enter information about the section in the fields described in the Layout section.

Background information section

Step 14

Click the green [+] button to add sections.

Click the plus button to add sections

Step 15

Expand to Section >> Chunk. Build the site by using chunks. Click the green [+] button to add chunks.

Click on the plus to add chunks

Step 16

To preview the built page, click Submit. To view the page on the website, publish the page.