A banner can be an image or a solid background color with text.


banner type
  • Type: Image
  • Desktop image: For desktop, use an image with a 3:1 ratio at 1800px X 600px.
  • Mobile image: For mobile, use an image with a 3:1 ratio at 960px X 320px.
  • Parallax: Use parallax to fix images in place as you scroll up and down.


text banner fields
  • Type: Text
  • Header: The header for the banner
  • Subhead: Appears under the header in the banner
  • Link label: The text that appears in the call to action button
  • Internal link: Link to an asset in the site
  • External link: Link to an external URL (this will override the internal link if one was selected)
  • Background: The color of the banner