Profile Feed

Building a profile feed

When you get a copy of the Framework in the WCMS, a profile folder is included in the folder tree. This folder contains an index page and three sample profile pages. The index page contains a Profile feed, using the profile feed block to display information from each profile page.

If you have a new site, create profile pages for your individuals within the profile folder.

default profile folder in tree

If the profiles folder has been deleted from your site, you will need to create a new profile folder, index page, and profile pages as described below.

Step 1

Create a folder for your profiles. Ensure that this folder has an index page.

new profile folder with two profile pages and an index page

Step 2

Find the index page and select Edit. Go to Section >> Chunk and select Feed from the Type drop-down menu.

feed chunk

Step 3

Expand to Section >> Chunk >> Details and select Profiles from the Feed Type drop-down menu.

feed type drop-down

Step 4

Under the Block field, click Search to find the _feeds/profiles block. Click Confirm.

browse for feed block

Step 5

Submit and Publish the page.

Step 6

Navigate to the _feeds folder and expand to locate the Profiles block.

feed blocks in tree

Step 7

Open the Profiles block for editing. In the Index Folder field, select the folder where your profiles have been created.

index folder field

Step 8

Publish the profile folder's index page and profiles. Verify that the feed works by viewing the index page.

Note: Any time profiles are added, removed, or edited, the profile index page must be published to update the listing.