Centralized Global CSS

Centralize the global CSS

Step 1

Go to the _includes folder and view.

_includes folder in the folder tree

Step 2

Go to Add Content and select File.

add content and file selection

Step 3

In the File Name field, enter global-css.html. Ensure that the Placement Folder is the _includes folder.

file name and placement folder

Step 4

In this file, include only the line below. This content does not look like a typical includes file, but is accurate.

example script for the global-css.html file

Step 5

Click Submit to save the file.

Step 6

Go to _includes/css.html file.

This file will contain "<link href="/_assets/css/site.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />" and references to other CSS files.

css.html location in the folder tree

Step 7

Remove any references to links pointing to assets.iu.edu and fonts.iu.edu.

example of assets.iu.edu and fonts.iu.edu files to remove

Step 8

Submit to save changes.